Thursday, July 21, 2011

Roll Calls for 7.7.2011-7.16.2011

Thursday Tales 7.7.2011

City of Walls: Chapter 8, Archnemesis_Goldenhair
Still shaken by her mugging and news of deadly glitches, Tara returns home, but not entirely empty-handed. With the aid of an old, but significant, book she is finally able to decode the mysterious message, which reveals that danger is a lot closer to home than even the Goldbergs had anticipated.
- Bismod

The Long War part 6, Ghost_in_the_Machine
Peter Rudko wakes up from his shared dream with a flood of memories from another life. Will this knowledge of old battle tactics and world politics help him win the war? And what does the alien have to gain from the outcome?

TSF Chapter 5: A Day in the life, Myseri
Serial Murderers don't kill to escape mundane lives, they use a mundane guise to take lives. Vacation over, Thomson's work-day breakfast is interrupted by a call from his forgetful boss: At work, where he is IT Support, Thomson deals with a small problem grown huge; his boss's laptop has not had any maintenance including anti-virus updates for months. Returning home, Thomson has new horrors ready for his take-home project.
- Quango-Baud

Ongoing Adventures Issue 2: The Plan, now4the_post
Magic mirrors and body swaps are just the beginning of the trouble for a group of comrades separated on their journey. With everyone looking for the same pieces of a mystic mirror and the difficulty of telling friend from foe this is bound to be a wild ride.

The Puppethead War Issue 8: Up in the World, now4the_post
Far from the violence of the lake, we return to Irena, whose nightmares are worsening. Not even her new life of wealth and status seems to calm her nerves. She begins to find solace speaking with Naire, a woman watching over the girl, who also suffers sleepless nights as she dreams of her troubled past.
- Bismod

Bridge Builder, Chapter 50: Spare Parts, Shini: R.O.A.C.H.
The newly appointed Lord Alex Sorenson awakens to find himself drugged but alive. Refraining from calling Lord Alex by his preferred title of "Just Alex"; an alien attendant fills in the details after the attempted assassination that left Alex stabbed and Tashen beaten; their attacker remains on the loose. The "Spare Parts" of the title become clear by episode's end; leading to another Shini R.O.A.C.H. "ouch" moment.
- Quango-Baud

Own'd by the Devil, John Wiswell
It's easy for a gamer to understand Haley's surprise, easy for anyone who has unexpectedly lost. He's just bet a little more than most people would...
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

Saturday Short Stories 7.9.2011

Telepaths: The Park Slope Conspiracy - 32,
In the final installment of Telepaths, the dust has started to settle from the Park Slope case. Maggie is staying busy with a new class of telepath agents as she waits for a particular question from Elise. It's not in the cards for that just yet as she's unexpectedly called out to work a hostage situation, but at least she is getting a handle on the serial killer in her brain.
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

Hollow World Book 2 Chapter 8, Myseri
One of the group is lost, not to Graham and the violence of the Others, but to hope and an impulsive plan. Now it's up to Zach to tell the group and deal with his own guilt. This installment shows a solid core to the survivors who must prepare to fight when the winter ends.

Thursday Tales 7.14.2011

City of Walls: Chapter 9, Archnemesis_Goldenhair
The day had started out so well. Tara had been running late, until she found out she was getting a promotion. A side trip to get new hardware went south as a gang attacked her, though she was rescued with no severe injuries. Now, she's alone again and finding out that incident may have terrible consequences.
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

How to Urban Fantasy Up Your Life, Moxie6
You've got your improbably tight leather pants, your werewolf repellent and your two paramours. But it takes more than that to be an urban fantasy heroine! This handy guide will show you all the tricks of the magic trade.

The Puppethead War Issue 9: Up in the World (part 2), now4the_post
Just after Irena de Postrem's parents depart an urgent message arrives for Captain Gelba. Irena can’t help but listen in on things not meant for her ears, news of strange affairs abroad and shockingly close to home.
- Bismod

Bridge Builder, chapter 51: Fixer Upper, Shini: R.O.A.C.H.
The attack on Alex is described to the Terran authorities as an accident; Carbon has been away bartering for suitable med-tech, as Tslao tech is not wholly compatible with human anatomy. The Terrans are not eager to provide advanced med-tech; yet Carbon proves to be a tough negotiator, bluffing by demanding the return of Tslao "waverider" technology. Still recuperating, Alex has been reading about his hosts' history; chosen by Tslao Empress Eleya, the books are only about civil matters. A visit from Carbon lifts Alex's spirits.
- Quango-Baud

"In my mind..." Chapter 9, theTummy
Evan has a checkered past. As a young man he had a hard time with anger and depression, something that hasn't changed after a decade in a coma. He's now been accepted in to the Association, for better or worse... considering how eager one of his new colleagues is to test him, probably worse.
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

They Miss Him, John Wiswell
A beautifully written story of a boy and the ever-changing technology that surrounds and sustains his life.
- Bismod

Murder On Deck 36 - Introduction and Chapter One, Zuldim
Police Detective Ryan North investigates the killing of Dr Evan Taylor on the Intergalactic Empire’s Star-Station "Hope” orbiting an unnamed star. The Empire is merely a brand created by a corporation; owner of these "tin cans" filled with a humanity that has fled a used-world. Solar-collectors top the station, a person's status descends down two hundred levels, until you arrive at the sunward engines: environmental controls are failing on lower decks and crime is rife. Violent death is not unusual here, but this death raises many questions: Why was he murdered; How was he murdered; and who was Evan Taylor?
- Quango-Baud

Saturday Short Stories 7.16.2011

Hollow World Book 2 Chapter 9, Myseri
This chapter of Myseri's post-apocalyptic tale brings us back to Sam, alone again on the road. He's lost Gina and is confronted by her killer, one of the Others. One that somehow can talk and plead and cry. And just maybe give him the clue that will help him find his friends.

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