Friday, July 29, 2011

Roll Calls for 7.21.2011-7.23.2011

Thursday Tales 7.21.2011

The Puppethead War Issue 10: With Haste, now4the_post
Ogard drives a carriage to decoy Dirty Fighters who are searching for Talon and his band. Talon's band arrive at Carpol - the major city of South Ryndia and the location of the dome of the governing Overarchy; in Carpol they can find members of the Kept Sect and inform them about the Puppetheads' recent body-stealing incursions. An explanation of events is promised to Leyh, who is a new addition to Talon's group.
- Quango-Baud

Bridge Builder, Chapter 52: Family, Shini: R.O.A.C.H.
Alex's heart has grown back, but the old technology that healed him meant days with no sleep. Now there's a frustrating haze between him and an impatient Carbon who knows a confrontation with the Empress is coming. The little frustrations between couple give a perfect touch of reality to Shini's alien world.

Reaching for the Moon, John Wiswell
Can an anthropomorohic squirrel, a redwood, a boulder, an ogre and a reluctant astronomer touch the moon? This bedtime story answers the question with a delightful twist.

Murder On Deck 36 - Chapter Two, Zuldim
Deck 36 is a rough part of the Star-Station Hope. Smoke from the engines fills the air, it's terribly overcrowded and there is a lot of crime. Ryan North is the cop on the case of a murdered doctor, which by itself isn't so strange, but the weapon used to kill him is rare, powerful and expensive. There's only one guy that might be able to get a weapon like that down onto Deck 36 and he's the first guy Ryan wants to talk to.
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

Saturday Short Stories 7.23.2011

Night of the Living Fart – Part One, edwardgrimm
Three children venture through an old abandoned baked bean factory, on the way to a "lock-in" at their school - a Friday night treat for good students. A confrontation with a bully - who was once a normal kid but was transformed by a wardrobe malfunction into a figure of terror - has dramatic consequences. Amusing and suspenseful, this could be one to read to the kids at bedtime.
- Quango-Baud

Hollow World Book 2 Chapter 10, Myseri
After the Day of the Blasts, the world changed. The survivors cling to life and the others... they have their own ideas about how it's going to be. The Penny-man? He knows the war is coming, but none of that matters to him. The dead are all the same.
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

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