Thursday, June 2, 2011

Roll Calls for 5.19.2011-5.28.2011

With this Roll Call I declare us caught up. Only not too loud. If we can keep things rolling on time for the whole month I’ll shout it. For now we invite you to read some great stories, make comments and generally procrastinate (people reading this at work, you know who you are).

Thursday Tales 5.19.2011

City of Walls: Chapter 3, Archnemesis_Goldenhair
A dark alley hides more than bad wiring and old buildings. In a world of tech the most valuable thing Tara carries isn't a wallet, it's her gear. In this dark chapter we get a peek at the extremes of body modification and electronic implants in the City.

Ancestors, Pt. 2, bjeffreyvidt
Emith finds himself in a tight spot, his living arrangement tenuous after losing his job. A visit to his mother goes as well as can be expected and he has a strange encounter on the way home... Perhaps it was was one of these events that set him upon beginning his next book?
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

Ordination, Pt. 1, bjeffreyvidt
A crippling conflict, un-sustainable casualties, homefront apathy, un-cooperative allies: This is the Heavenly War on Terra. Favoured in the eyes of God's Representative on Earth; Michael, a novitiate pre-ordained for a very special service, is set on the warrior's path. An atmospheric and darkly comic challenge to orthodoxy, io9er Bjeffreyvidt initiates us into a Biblically apocalyptic future where people are not as they seem.
- Quango-Baud

Confession of a Serial Kisser, collex
As a boy he knew what he liked, but as he grew it turned to obsession. A search for his own holy grail takes a man across the world, leaving no stone unturned until he finds what he seeks.
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

Dawn Attack, Ghost_in_the_Machine
Lieutenant Rudko leads his troops in an assault against enemy lines, the engagements are fierce in protracted trench warfare. But Rudko senses that something is not quite right - Are these lapses in memory, "shell shock" or something else entirely? And, after an encounter with a brother officer confirms his suspicions, how can he prove what he now believes? Ghost_in_the_Machine recreates an ersatz First World War in his "LongWar" strand, deploying attention to detail and period vernacular.
- Quango-Baud

Untitled Chapter 1, Lawdogg
The future is a dangerous place. Earth is ravaged by disease, leaving of several billion dead. Now's the time to leave. Humanity takes it's first steps to living among the stars, building a stepping stone on the moon in preparation for a colony on mars.
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

Bridge Builder, Chapter 43: Social Experimentation, Shini: R.O.A.C.H.
A misunderstanding and an argument lead to making up. Some things never change, even when your girlfriend is an alien. But Alex and Carbon do have unique challenges, like making it through dinner with an old friend without disclosing their relationship or any classified information. This chapter builds on Alex and Carbon's relationship and adds a twist that will leave you wondering if the biggest challenge of all is waiting to be revealed.

Saturday Short Stories 5.21.2011

Hollow World Book 2 Chapter 5, Myseri
The Pennyman continues his grim task for the survivors and the others alike, even as he gets caught in the crossfire. That doesn't slow him down, but it does make it clear that Graham will be getting his war.
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

Thursday Tales 5.26.2011

City of Walls: Chapter 4, Archnemesis_Goldenhair
Tara's situation is not looking good. Knocked out cold by a gang looking for goods she doesn't have, they're more than happy to lift what she does have - her netlink and data.
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

The Rains, bjeffreyvidt
When you work for the gods it's all about tight schedules and pressure. Pressure to provide for hungry gods, pressure to get the harvest of ambrosia in before it's ruined by the dangerous rains. But what if all that pressure was a smokescreen to hide something the gods didn't want you to see?

The Long War - Part 2, Ghost_in_the_Machine
Captain Rudko knows there's something wrong. Flanagan's proof convinced him of that. Now Flanagan has disappeared and he's been rotated off the front lines. Even as he doubts the war he's fighting, his company is sent out for special training.
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

Untitled Chapter 10, Lawdogg
Mars - Humanity has spread from an Earth that has succumbed to disease and economic depression; they have taken humanity's qualities and flaws with them. Constable Gilmore investigates an accident aided by robots capable of only simple tasks: Considering the thin atmosphere and need for an environment suit, the gruesome scene provokes an original use of a police evidence bag. An etched box claimed by archaeologists to be a Martian artefact millions of years old is recovered from the vehicle but Gilmore is not above "[setting] aside" other pieces of evidence. Each episode of Lawdogg's martian saga is a connected stand-alone; this chapter is a Police Procedural with elements of crime noir and thriller.
- Quango-Baud

One's Concrete Jungle Is Another's Graveyard, MJ Marlieu
It's hard living in the city for Mary Sue. Every day is a fight for survival, scrounging the streets for the basics and hoping to avoid the undead. She's been lucky so far, finding refuge with a group of survivors. As the dead start to whittle down their numbers, how much longer can they last?
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

Bridge Builder, Chapter 44: Upgraded, Shini: R.O.A.C.H.
Carbon is far away, so Alex gets his mods. We learn about the pros & cons of translating devices & software: What are the social implications of not disclosing that you have a hidden translator? Will there be any problems with the software? Lip-syncing? Alex is left short of breath by the surgery (no explicit details for the squeamish), and has fresh new skin on his scalp.
- Quango-Baud

Self-Defeating Prophecy Audio Redux, John Wiswell
The end times are coming... Everybody's end times. Asteroids, frost giants, cataclysmic earthquakes. You name it, it wants a piece of humanity. Best to just let them figure things out on their own.
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

Saturday Short Stories 5.28.2011

Telepaths: The Park Slope Conspiracy - 28,
A good morning for Elise takes a turn when she gets into the office. All they work they've done investigating the kidnapping is rendered moot with one little scandal and that's it for their contracts... But she won't back down after going this far.
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

The Long War - Part 3, Ghost_in_the_Machine
The newly promoted Captain Rudko has his hands full with new training, new weapons, a few new men... and women? More specifically another captain from the armored division who sparks a hazy memory more real to him than the letters and pictures of his girl back home.

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