Thursday, June 28, 2012

Roll Call for 6.28.2012

The Girl Who Laughs Chapter One, theTummy
Veronica is content with her station in life. After all, she lives in the Northwest Temple of Droll, the God of Indifference. The question is though, is she really content, or is there more in store for Veronica? theTummy has outdone himself in this YA piece. Superb attention to small details and a host of characters really bring this Cinderella story to life

Emma Part 1, hdgotham
Emma is not a dwarf. And she really wishes that her parents would stop worshiping the long dead race. Born to a noble family, she feels the need to escape her existence. To be who she really is. And with the help of her friend Rilen, she may just be able to do that... This story opens up so many possibilities and I really am intrigued as to which one hdgotham chooses to take.

Two Hearts, Reavyn
Funerals and birthdays. Sometimes the saddest events make us look back on those times that bring us the most joy. I loved the twist, and all kinds of little details made this a fun read!

Dragon's Breath, LittleDragon
Chantri is on a mission, delve into a dragon's layer and prove his worth. Does he make it out with his prize? More importantly, does he make it out with his life? I must admit that this piece did not turn out the way that I expected it to, and in no way is that a bad thing.

Underground Princes Part 4, Myseri
Mary learns more about the nature of her companion. Charlie and his world of dirt and rags may be more than they appear. Whatever happens next is sure to be exciting. - hdgotham

Hot Plasma, Cold Dames - Chapter:1, DukeNorik
Sam wakes to find himself abducted by aliens, but that's not how his story started... Newcomer DukeNorik takes us back to just after World War II where Sammy, a homicide Detective for New York's 44th Precinct gets handed a nasty case: A body has turned up in Harlem River. DukeNorik does a great job in making this noir piece feel just that, like it took place in the 40's. I look forward to more!

Three-Man Crew Chapter 9.2, TemporalSword
First, let me say I have not read any more of this story than this piece...After Earth has been destroyed, Leska, Issa, and Ryek need to pick up the remainder of their lives and figure out what happened. Are they the last humans in the universe? Leska doesn't think so, and he has a plan to find out. Lots of emotion in this piece as TemporalSword conveys the reactions of the crew to finding out the fate of their home.

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