Friday, May 13, 2011

Roll Calls for 4.28.2011-5.7.2011

We’re still getting the hang of doing these weekly. This time around we’ve added a note at the end of each blurb to indicate who wrote them. Otherwise it’s just the usual awesome science fiction!

Thursday Tales 4.28.2011

City of Walls: Chapter 2, Archnemesis_goldenhair
In this installment we take a step deeper into a world more plugged in that we can imagine. Smartphones and tablets have nothing on hovering holographic displays, keyboard-less navigation and inner ear receivers. And there's still the mystery of the huge encrypted file to unravel.

A Brave Old World, Myseri
"A Brave Old World" takes us to a time-forsaken people trapped in a place called the "Spire" that has been shut off from outside contact for a millennia. Our protagonist, Mason has "won" the Lottery ... to be sent out into the unknown on a quest to find out why they were isolated and whether the reason for that isolation has passed. In this story, the mischievous Myseri is being mysterious!
- Quango-Baud

The Puppethead War #3, now4the_post
Abstract aquatic adversaries, action, adventure and adolescence. The lake creatures "stand" between the group of youngsters and their mission to a floating settlement. A lot is happening in the Puppethead Saga, there are many plots, intrigues and rivalries. I wonder if now4the_post can keep all those balls in the air? Or, should that be "buoys" on the water?
- Quango-Baud

Bridge Builder, Chapter 40: Semantics, Shini: R.O.A.C.H.
Alex's new job will have you questioning his loyalties. I've been following this series from the beginning and even I was surprised at how this chapter played out. Another great character moment in a character driven series.

Saturday Short Stories 4.30.2011

Telepaths: The Park Slope Conspiracy – 25,
In this week's Telepaths Carl gets out of the house to do a little surveillance work. But distance won't save him from trouble at home, and his anger will lead to trouble with the serial killer tagging along for the ride.

Hollow World Book 2 Chapter 2, Myseri
Zack managed to lead the band of survivors to his parents farm and now relays their story of survival after the apocalypse. It's wasn't an uplifting tale, but at least everyone is there to tell it and life seems to be settling down... except for that one terrible vision.
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

Thursday Tales 5.5.2011

City of Walls (untitled), Archnemesis_Goldenhair
This side story makes an interesting addition to a tech-controlled world. What happens when the youth of the future jailbreak not just their tech implants but a host of tiny nannites? Local news and everyone plugged has to wait for the General Surgeon’s press conference for answers.

Untitled, Collex
A fast-paced scene setting the opening to a new story from a new ThursdayTales contributor. On this flight of fancy aboard the Quicksilver are the familiar themes of a veteran captain, a spaceship and her capable crew who are in competition with a rival captain, ship and crew. If this good natured rivalry will lead to cosmic catastrophe or to space-opera adventures only further installments can tell. Author collex confesses that the piece was quickly written and, so, (knowing as I do that feeling when ya-just-gotta-write) any mis-steps are easily forgiven.
- Quango-Baud

In Preperation, Myseri
Steve is back! The stress of creativity is explored through a surreal yet very
familiar conversation with a demon.
- Bismod

Bridge Builder, Chapter 41: Blown Cover, Shini: R.O.A.C.H.
Carbon adjusts to life on a station full of sometimes overly curious
humans. She and Alex's deepening relationship leads to a surprising
- Bismod

Sun Belt, John Wiswell
Everybody has tried on a favorite shirt or pair of jeans only to find that it doesn't fit like it used to. Some accept those changes with grace, some are... more stubborn. Lucky for us, the Sun isn't too stubborn.
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.

Saturday Short Stories 5.7.2011

Telepaths: The Park Slope Conspiracy - 26,
In this week's Telepaths we discover a new layer to Maggie's problems with the serial killer that shares her brain, gain insight into Carl and Lynn's rocky telepathic marriage and see what a retired psychiatrist and a senator's staff member do to celebrate. Fair warning, this one is pretty racy.

Hollow World Book 2: Chapter 3, Myseri
There are more stories to be told over breakfast. Jud recalls the devastation of The Day of the Blasts and the trip he made for supplies, but not before he shows Peter and Zach the mark that Graham has left on the farm.
- Shini: R.O.A.C.H.


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